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Contemporary Legend

A scholarly journal published annually by the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research

Edited by Ian Brodie
Dept. of History and Culture
Cape Breton University
1250 Grand Lake Road
Sydney, NS  B1P 6L2

Aims and Scope

Contemporary Legend, the annual journal of the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research, aims to promote and encourage research, and to provide a forum for those working in this vibrant area of traditional narrative scholarship. Within this context the term 'legend' is interpreted in its broadest sense as including Sagen, dites, popular rumors, sayings and beliefs as well as narrative. Similarly, 'contemporary' refers not only to so-called 'modern urban legends' but also to legends in active circulation in a given community.

The journal presents original research findings and theoretical analyses on all aspects of contemporary legend. The articles range from case studies of individual legends, historical analogues and exploration of legends in society, to analyses of performances and transmission, form, meaning and function. The journal also includes reviews, an annual bibliography covering books, essays and theses, and sections on contemporary legend in literature and in film.

An international editorial board of distinguished scholars with a wide range of interests reviews all contributions, thereby maintaining the high standard of published material.

Editorial Board
Gillian Bennett, UK Sylvia Grider, USA
Rolf Brednich, Germany Sandy Hobbs, UK
Carsten Bregenhøj, Finland Bengt af Klintberg, Sweden
Véronique Campion-Vincent, France Linda Dégh, USA
Pat Mullen, USA MarkGlazer, USA
W.F.H. Nicolaisen, Scotland Diane E. Goldstein, Canada
Paul Smith, Canada  

Subscription Information

Personal subscriptions:

Personal subscriptions to Contemporary Legend are through membership in the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research.

Institutional subscriptions:

Information available by request: contact the secretary at the address on the ISCLR home page.

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