Professor: Dr. Scott Stewart

 Office and hours: CC273; Wednesdays, 9-Noon; Thursdays, 10-Noon;

    by appointment, or drop by.

 Communication: Phone: 563-1252; e-mail,

 Grading: All assignments this term are of equal value.

                (1) Test 1 Oct. 3

    (2) Test 2: Oct. 31

     (3) Christmas exam (TBA, in the exam schedule) " CHRISTMAS EXAM STUDY QUESTIONS"

  Text and Handouts: (1) Elisabeth (Boetzkes) Gedge & Wilfrid Waluchow, ed's, Readings in Health

Care Ethics , 2nd ed. (Peterborough, Ontario: Broadview Press, 2012).

         (2) Web page readings, which are listed and hotlinked below.



 (1) I require that you attend class, and I expect you to be prepared for class by having read the assigned reading for the day.  I will take attendance irregularly throughout the term -- either at the beginning of class or after the break -- and I will deduct 2% of your term grade for every class missed without a legitimate excuse.

 (2) Make-up tests will be given only under special circumstances and with my prior knowledge. If you are unable to write a test, you must at the very least leave me a voice or e-mail message and be prepared to provide a legitimate excuse (e.g., a doctor=s note) when requested.

(3) You will be graded on your writing skills as well as on other criteria.

 (4) There is no supplementary exam for this course.

 (5) Academic dishonesty is a serious offence: please consult the CBU calendar  for a description of these offences and their penalties.




This course is designed to introduce nursing students to ethical theory and practice with a view to enhancing both their understanding of value issues in health care and to their future practice as health care professionals. Topics to be examined include the following: relationships in health care, consent, reproduction, whether there are fetal rights, the screening and treatment of >disabled= newborns, death, dying, and euthanasia, research involving human subjects, and the use and allotment of scarce medical resources. I shall employ readings of various sorts, both theoretical and practical. The case studies in particular are intended to stimulate thought and class discussion. Indeed, since the quality of your studies in this course depends to a large extent upon the quality of our class discussions, it is especially important that you come to class having read and thought about the assigned readings.




Class                                         Topic                            Reading

 1.     Intro, Ethical Theory    "Introduction," pp. xi-xlv.    Lecture 1 pp

 2.     Theory/Feminism    Keatings and Smith, "Ethical Principles and Feminism",  Little, "Why a Feminist Approach to Bioethics?" Lecture 1 pp

            3  codes of ethics/moral integrity     CNA Code of Ethics; (CNA PP)  Kelly, "Preserving Moral Integrity."  Stewart, "Telling Patients the TruthLecture 2 pp 1  Lecture 3 pp
   Case: "Choice vs the
 4.  OCTOBER 3: TEST 1

  5.   Relationships in Health Care Emanuel & Emanuel, "Four Models..."    Sherwin, "A Relational Approach ...," Bernal, The Nurse as Patient Advocate,"   Case: "Nurse-Patient

        Disagreement" "Bernal Powerpoint"

6Relationships in Health Care   Kipnis, "A Defense of of Unqualified Medical Confidentiality," (Kipnis "PP") "Smith vs. Jones," Elliott, " Should Journals ... Articles." Case: "Nurse-Patient

        Disagreement in a Cross Cultural Setting

7.   Consent   Drane, "Compentency .... Consent," (Drane "Powerpoint");  Harrison et al., "Bioethics ... Decisions," (Harrison "PP"); Brown, "Proxy Consent ..." ( Brown "PP" Reible vs. Hughes


 9.    Reprodcution      Robertson, "Class ... Procreative Liberty,"  Overall, "Reflections..." HRC, 181-190; Sherwin, "Feminist..." HRC, 190-198; Case: "Therapeutic Donor Insemination"

  Case:         "Surrogate Motherhood"

    10.  Abortion       Marquis, "Why Abortion is Immoral,"   JJ Thomson, "A Defense of Abortion,"S. Sherwin, "Abortion Through a Feminist Ethics Lens,"


C            Case: disagreement about Abortion11   Abortion      Winnipeg ...,  ("PP"), Sheldon & Wilkinson,   "Should ... be Banned,  ("PP") Seavilleklein, "Challenging ... Prenatal Screening," ("PP") Mahawold, "Decisions ... Newborns."

: "Nursing, Conscience, and Abortion"







Professor:                     Dr. Scott Stewart

Office and hours:           CC273: Wednesdays 9-12, 1:30-3:30

by appointment or drop by.

Communication: Phone:  563-1252; e-mail:

Grading:                        (1)  Test (Feb. 1) -- 25% TEST 1 STUDY QUESTIONS

                                    (2)  Class Presentation/Case Study (Various deadlines) -- 25%

                                   (3) Research Essay (beginning of class, March 29) -- 25%

                                    (4)   Final exam -- TBA in exam period -- 25%

                                    The tests will consist of a combination of fill in the blanks, short essays (of a paragraph or two), and long essays (of 4-5 double-spaced written pages).  The class presentation/case study will be a small group project consisting of 6 (or so) students.  You will have to:  (1) decide on a grouping of people; (2) decide, by Jan. 18, on a particular topic, case and date (refer to the outline below); (3) present the case study in class, and (4) submit a jointly written case study (following the model of last term's case studies) one week after your class presentation.  The Research Paper will be fairly substantial -- an 6 page (typewritten, double-spaced) paper on topics I shall distribute shortly.  Text and Handouts:       (1) Elisabeth Boetzkes & Wilfrid Waluchow, ed's, Readings in Health

                                         Care Ethics ( Peterborough , Ontario :  Broadview Press, 2000).

(2) material posted on the course web page.  

Please refer to your fall outline for general regulations regarding this course.


Tentative Winter Outline




Class & Date   Reading

 1:  Jan. 11           No Reading. I will discuss euthanasia laws in Canada and The Netherlands PP Slides

 2:  Jan. 18      Mahowald, "Decisions Regarding Disabled Newborns,"

                        Battin, "Euthanasia:  The Fundamental Issues,"   

                                Cases: “Don't let my mother die,”

                                                Please let me die”  

Rodriquez vs. BC

 3:  Jan. 25        Callahan, "When Self-Determination Runs Amok,"

                        Parks, "Why Gender Matters ..."

                                    Case Presentation: Tracey Latimer

                        Further Readings "The Big Chill ..."


4. Feb. 1 Test


5: Feb 8        Elliott, “The Tyranny of Happiness,”

                     Stewart, "Hacking the Blues: The Construction of the Depressed Adolescent"

                    Stewart and Korol, "Designing Fat..."   pp    

6: Feb. 15    Annas, "The Prostitute, The Playboy, and the Poet"

                        Jarvis, "Join the Club…," 530-536

                        Gillon, "On Giving Preference to Prior Volunteers…,"

                        Caplan, "Requests, Gifts, and Obligations…,"

                                    Case Presentation: "Organ Donation"

7. Feb. 22        Reading Week

 8. Mar 1     Silver, "Cloning, Ethics, and Religion," 573-576

                        Munson & Davis, "Germ-line Therapy and the Medical Imperative," 577-587

                        Cloning Powerpoint

                                    Case Presentation: "To Clone or Not to Clone"

9. March 8   Little, “Cosmetic Surgery, Suspect Norms,…”

                        Figeroa, "Self Esteem and Cosmetic Surgery"

                        Kramer, “Makeover” from Listening to Prozac,

                                                   Case Presentation: Breast Augmentation

March 15      Pence, "The Tuskegee Syphilis Case,” (wp) Notes on Research Ethics

Drug Trials in Africa (wp)

            Case Presentation: Haiti Case Study

9. Mar 22      10. Mar 16   Carl Elliott, “Pharma Goes to the Laundry…”

                        Stewart & Legatto, "Modern Mesmerism ... Therapeutic Touch"  PP

 11.  Mar  29 No class -- Good Friday

12.    April 5 TBA                 RESEARCH PAPERS DUE