Professor of Philosophy,
Chair, Dept. of Philosophy & Religious Studies
Cape Breton University
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Canada B1P 6L2



1991    Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Waterloo
1984    M.A., Philosophy, University of Guelph
1983    B.A. (Honours), Philosophy,  Dalhousie University




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 PAPERS PRESENTED (Last five years)

R.S. Stewart, "Sexual Privacy"

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2004-present       Professor, Cape Breton University

Fall, 2008            Adjunct Professor, University of Virginia's Semester at Sea program

                            (a round-the-world voyage of 30 faculty and 700 university students)

Fall, 1998           Visiting Associate Professor, University of Waterloo

1993-2004          Associate Professor, UCCB (now CBU)
1990-1993          Assistant Professor, UCCB (now CBU)

1989-1990            Lecturer, Wilfrid Laurier University
1987,1989            Lecturer, University of Waterloo
1986                     Lecturer (Summer School) University of New Brunswick


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Nineteenth Century Philosophy (Philosophy 390)
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Ethics and the Law (Philosophy 209)
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Aesthetics (Philosophy 331/631 -- a combination undergraduate and graduate course
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Debating Artistic Values (Philosophy 231)