October 18-19, 2019

Friday, October 18, 2019


CE 317

CE 319

CE 323

CE 326

CE 327



Valkyrie Grenzberg (Millerville) “What’s Wrong With Sex? An … Analysis of the Issues Faced by a Sexually Active Woman in the Era of #MeToo”

Rachel (MacKinnon) O’Keefe (Toronto) “Plotinus’ Pseudo-Hylomorphism & Change in Sensible Objects”

Shaunessy Cudmore-Keating (StFX) “Was Descartes an Occasionalist?”

David Tracey (MUN), “On Personal Desire in Deleuze’s and Guattari’s Critique of Freud”

Paul Viminitz (Lethbridge) “A Begrudging Defence of Holocaust Denial & Epistemic Sloth


Leah Gray (Guelph) “Knowledge & Education: Its Role & Limitations Within Sexual Violence”

Paul Curry (Ottawa) “Identity Politics vs a Fusion of Horizons”

Doug Al-Maini (StFX) “The Difference Between ‘Belonging’ & ‘Being Like’ in Plato’s Lysis

Emily Bingeman (Dal) “Some Concerns about Praise-Blame Asymmetrics”

Canadian Association of Reductionist Philosophy (CARP), Sheldon Wein (SMU) (Chair)


Lawrence Buttigieg (Malta) “Trust in the Studio”

Scott Edgar (SMU) “Transit Network Design & Historical Injustice…”

Baldner, Steven (StFX) “Aquinas and Early Modern Philosophers on Causality”

Bernard Wills (MUN-Grenfell) “Notes on the Rhetoric of Trolling”

CARP,  (cont’d)


5:30 – 7:30 Dinner (On Your Own: Besides what is available on campus, there is a decent restaurant just across the street from CBU called Flavour 19. I have reserved a number of tables there for ARPA)

7:30-9 p.m. Keynote Speaker: Verschuren Centre Lecture Theatre (CS 104)

Nancy Bauer, Tufts University, “Let’s Talk About Sex: Ethical Intercourse in the Age of #MeToo”

Following the Keynote Speaker: Wine & Cheese Reception in the Great Hall (courtesy of the Office of the Vice President, Academic)



Saturday, October 19, 2019


CE 311

CE 312

CE 313

CE 314

CE 315


Abigail Klassen (Winnipeg) “Too Queer to Count as Queer?”

Erik Nelson (Dal) “Explicit Nonlinguistic Mental Content: Inferencetialism, Connectionism & Chickens”

Alexander Baker (SMU) “Humanity & Rational Principle … in Aristotle”

Robert Ansell (SMU) “Organization of Society in the General Interest”

Daniel Harris (CUNY) “Wittgenstein’s Looming Presence on Contemporary Speech-Act Theory”


Eric v.d. Luft “Gegensatz Press) “Do Transgendered Individuals Exist?”

Anton Killin (Mt. A) “Inferences in Cognitive Archaeological Research…”

Louis Groarke (StFX) “Aristotle’s Poetics Understood as a Response to Plato”

Nikolas Hamm (McGill) “Affective Experience and Character Cultivation in Kant’s Moral Philosophy”

Wittgenstein Reading Group 10-11:50: Robbie Mosher (Mt. A)) “Wittgenstein: The Points and Functions of Academic Philosophy”


Refreshment Break

Refreshment Break

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James Conlon (Mount Mary) “Sex and Shame”

Jason Holt (Acadia) “Allusion & Anti-Intentionalism”

Giulia Bonasio (King’s) “Function & Use in Aristotle’s EE & NE

Nathan Brett (Dal) “Taking Climate Change Seriously”

Lynette Reid (Dal) TBA; Michael Hymers (Dal) Hadot’s Wittgenstein”; Steven Burns (Dal) “Wittgenstein, Atomism, and AI”

12-1:15 LUNCH + ARPA General Meeting

Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose Room


CE 311

CE 312

Ce 313

CE 314

CE 315

1:30- 2:20

Jordan Pascoe (Manhattan Col) “Respect Women: Rethinking Consent”

Derek Andrews (Dal) “Depression [&] … Access to Medical Assistance in Dying”

Doug Campbell (Toronto) “Plato on Reincarnation, Eschatology, Mythology, & Philosophy”

Kyle Johannsen (WLU) “Humanitarian Intervention in Nature: How Should We Do It & What Should We Aim For?”

Recovering Rorty Symposium 1:30-3:20:

Robbie Mosher (Mt.A), Mary Jo Curry (Ind. Sch.)


Shaun Miller (Dal) “Contextual Sexual Consent”

Letitia Meynell (Dal) “Getting the Picture: An Analysis of Understanding”

Sheldon Wein (SMU) “A Secular Reading of Mark 2:27-28”

Mike Ashfield (USC) “From Manslaughter to Mass-Slaughter”

Recovering Rorty Symposium: Louis Groarke (StFX); Neb Kujundzic (UPEI); Madeleine Legér (Ind. Sch.)


Refreshment Break

Refreshment Break

Refreshment Break

Refreshment Break

Refreshment Break


Alex Bryant (McMaster) “What Do Misogynist Stereotypes Do? Social Constraints on Autonomy in Commercial Sex”



Todd Calder (SMU) “Evil Isn’t Necessarily Wrong”

Keith Searing (Dal) “Necessity a-Posteriori?”

Richmond Campbell (Dal) “The Co-Evolution of Moral Norms & Human Knowledge”

David Tracey (MUN), “On Personal Desire in Deleuze’s and Guattari’s Critique of Freud”


Banquet: 6:30-8:30 Salt Spray Restaurant, Holiday Inn, Sydney, 300 Esplanade Ticket Required