On-Campus Housing (all prices include HST)

Book through the conference organizer, giving names and status (student, postdoc, faculty) of each person.  I am hoping to be able to subsidize these costs for students.  Payment can be made to the conference when you arrive and register.

Dorm Rooms (MacDonald Residence)- $30.75 single; $37.00 double

Apartments (Alumni Hall)- $115.  These have 5 bedrooms, each with individual locks, and one bathroom.  I was very impressed with them.

Off-Campus Housing (add 13% HST)

CBU visitors receive excellent rates at Cambridge Suites and Delta Hotel in downtown Sydney (both on the waterfront, and close to the yacht club where the banquet will be held).  Reserve and make payment yourself.  Say you are here for the ATCS at CBU to get these special rates:

Cambridge Suites  902-562-6500 or 800-565-9466

$107 (1 person); $20 each additional person.  Includes deluxe continental breakfast and free high-speed internet.

Delta Hotel  902-562-7500 or 800-268-1133

$103 (1 person); $20 each additional person.  Hotel features a swimming pool and water slide.

If you stay in town, you will need transportation (we do have buses running hourly) to get to campus, since for ancient political reasons we are located on the highway halfway between Sydney and Glace Bay.