Type-in Madness: When Software was Handcrafted

Jim and Charlie Gerrie's 8-Bit BASIC Software

Venn Software

Software for MS-DOS

VENN21.EXEVenn Diagram Quiz Program
LOGIC53.ZIPFormal Logic 'Proof' Processor (You'll need DOSBox to run this)
MANUAL53.TXT  Instruction manual for Logical Theorist 5.3

Software for OS-9

JimGerrieOS9Lv2.zipOur Lv2 ports in one Emulator .DSK file
Pie2.lzhOS-9 Lv1 Pie Graph Program
peg.lzhOS-9 Lv2 Peg Jump Game
nfl.lzhOS-9 Lv2 Football Simulation
subhunt.lzhOS-9 Lv2 Anti-submarine Game
Mines.lzhOS-9 Lv1 Minesweeper Game
Minefield.lzhOS-9 Lv2  Minesweeper Game
Golf_Tower.lzhOS-9 Lv2  Golf Simulation and Towers of Hanoi
Life3.lzhOS-9 Lv2 & Lv1 John Conway's Life Simulation (C source)
BombAway.lzhOS-9 Lv1 Dueling Cannons Game
Galisat.lzhOS-9 Lv2  Track Jupiter's Moons
Poker.lzhOS-9 Lv1 Poker Game (old)
Poker.lzhOS-9 Lv1 Poker Game (new)
sentinel.lzhOS-9 Lv1 Shoot'em Up Game
blackjack.lzhOS-9 Lv1 Blackjack Game
Invade.lzhOS-9 Lv1 Space Invaders Game and C Source

Software for MC-10, CoCo and Dragon

METEOR.C10with Steve Evans (Zephyr) of archive.worldofdragon.org
GARGOYLE.C10Gargoyle Castle by Kit Domenico
THOLIAN.C10Barry Adams' Encounter in the Near Tholian Sector
QUEST1.C10Brian Reynold's TRS-80 Model 1 Classic
TUTSTOMB.C10Greg Hassett's Pyramid Adventure
DICEWARS.C10Dice Wars by Taro Ito
TEXT2.TXTInstructions for MCTEXT.C10
RAT.C103-D Rat Maze by Ben Brunotte
TREASURE.C10Treasure Dungeon by David E. White
BULLS.C10Bulls & Bears by Speakeasy Software
GAME2048.C102048 Puzzle by Gabriele Cirulli
NEPTUNE.C10Neptune's Caverns by S. Rodgers & M. Milton
DOGSTAR.C10Lance Micklus' Classic Adventure
CSS.C10Chess Game by Dieter Steinwender
RESCUE.C10From Softside Magazine
DOGFIGHT.C10Dogfight by S. Gibbons
ORIENT.C10The Orient Express by David H. Ahl
LIFE.C10John Conway's Famous Life Simulation
LOSTGOLD.C10Lost Dutchman's Gold by Bob Liddil and Teri Li
MAHJONG.C10Mahjongg Solitaire Game
SWARMS.C10Swarms by Rand K. Miller
MOUNTAIN.C10The High Mountains by Paul Braithwaite
PARAVIA.C10Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio by George Blank
ELGON.C10The Treasure of Elgon by Keith Hawthorn
SUDOKU.C10V. Albillo Sudoku Solver
DOMINOES.C10Dominoes by Peter Kirsch
BATLBOTS.C10Silas Warner's Robotwar
LUMPIES.C10Lumpies of Lotis IV by John and Jeff Klein
PITMAN.C10Yutaka Isokawa's Classic Puzzle
SCRAMBLE.C10Scramble (Side Scrolling in BASIC!)
UBOAT.C10U-Boat Simulation by Ralph Hopkins
RAIDER.C10Sea Dragon (Side Scrolling!)
MONSTER2.C10Robert Abbott'sTheseus and the Minotaur Puzzle
ADVENT1.C10Adventureland by Scott Adams
SOKOBAN.C10Sokoban by Hiroyuki Imabayashi
OURANOS.C10Commodore Pet Classic by Kathy Higby
DUNGHELP.TXTInstructions for my D&D game DUNGEON.C10
COLOSSAL.C10Will Crowther's Colossal Cave Adventure
SABOTAGE.C10Ray Sato Text Adventure
DND.C10Dungeons & Dragons by Peter Trefonas
JEWELER.C10Bejeweled-like Game
SENTINEL.C10Game from the mind of Charlie Gerrie
ANDROMED.C10Andromeda Conquest by Avalon Hill
RAINMAZE.C10Maze Race Game by James Garon
JGGAMES.zipVCC Emulator DSK images of Coco games 2006-2014
  and our Retrospectiva and CoCoCoding contest entries
 and our Retrochallenge 2014 projects
Dragon_JimGerrie.zipXROAR cassette images of dragon games 2006-2014
VMC-10 EmulatorIncludes all our MC-10 programs
Logical Theorist 5.3

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Competitive Programming Awards

  1. Asimov Programming Awards 2007 -- 1st Prize
  2. Asimov Programming Awards 2007 -- 2nd Prize
  3. Retrospectiva 2012 -- Winner 8-Bit Basic Game Category
  4. A CoCo Coding Contest -- 3rd place
  5. RetroMañía 2014 -- 1st Place
  6. January RetroChallenge Competition 2016 Winner 
  7. Homeputerium BASIC Tenliners 2016 -- Top 10 PUR-120 
  8. Homeputerium BASIC Tenliners 2016 -- Top 10 EXTREM-256  
  9. Homeputerium BASIC Tenliners 2018 -- Top 10 PUR-120 
  10. Homeputerium BASIC Tenliners 2018 -- Top 10 EXTREM-256  
  11. Top 75 Computer Games developers on Github  

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