Type-in Mania: An Interactive Database of Early Basic Computer Applications

With much help from Giant List of Classic Programmers. Click on filenames to run the type-in programs listed below (WORK IN PROGRESS).

Classic Type-in Programs for Micro Color Basic

AWARIAwari by Geoff Wyvill (1979)
ADVENT1Adventureland by Scott Adams (1978)
BANNOCHThe Bannochburn Legacy by Tim Hartnell (Australia 1983)
BASEBALLMark Sawusch 1000 Things To Do with Your PC (1980)
CORPSESExquisite Corpses by Philippe Henri (France 1984)
COUPCoup D'Etat by Computing Today (Dec 1982)
CROSWORDCrossword Maker Ontario Ministry of Ed. (Canada 1981)
CSSChess Game by Dieter Steinwender (Germany 1980)
DNDDungeons & Dragons by Peter Trefonas (1980)
DOGFIGHTDogfight by Stephen Gibbons (Australia 1983)
DOGSTARDogstar Adventure by Lance Micklus (1979)
ENGINEEREngineer by David J. Bohlke (1979)
FURTRADEFur Trader by David Ahl (1978)
GARGOYLEGargoyle Castle by Kit Domenico (1980)
HHOUSEHaunted House by Usborne Books (1983)
LEMONADELemonade Stand by MECC (1973)
LOSTGOLDLost Dutchman's Gold by Bob Liddil and Teri Li (1979)
LUMPIESLumpies of Lotis IV by John and Jeff Klein (1986)
LUNLANDLunar Lander David Ahl (1973)
MICROBESMicrogouilles by Dominique Laroche (France 1983)
MOUNTAINThe High Mountains by Paul Braithwaite (1984)
OREGONThe Oregon Trail by MECC (1974)
OURANOSWeather War by Kathy Higby (1980)
PARAVIASanta Paravia and Fiumaccio by George Blank (1978)
PITMANPitman by Yutaka Isokawa (Japan 1985)
QUEST1Quest 1 by Brian Reynold's (1981)
ROBOTR29Robot R29 by Tomasz Rogacewicz (Poland 1991)
ROCKETRocket aka LEM by Eric Peters (1978)
ROMPA Romp in the Garden by Ventzislav Tzvetkov (Bulgaria 2005)
SABOTAGEOperation Sabotage by Ray Sato (1983)
SHOPSTUShop Steward by S. N. Goodwin (UK 1980)
SPACETRKSpace Trek by Jake Commander
STARTRADStar Traders by Dave Kaufman (1974)
SWARMSSwarms by Rand K. Miller (1980)
TELENGRDTelengard by Daniel Lawrence (1978)
THOLIANBarry Adams' Encounter in the Near Tholian Sector (1980)
TREASURETreasure Dungeon by David E. White (1979)
TUTSTOMBKing Tut's Tomb by Greg Hassett (1978)
UBOATU-Boat Simulation by Ralph Hopkins (1979)
VESPOZIAThe Vespozian Affair by Keith Campbell (UK 1984)
WIZCASTLWizard's Castle by Joseph Power (1980)
WOODSIn the Woods by Ken Fujisawa (Japan 1982)
WORLDGOVWorld Governor by U. Schlenther (Germany 1988)

Original Basic Recodings of Classic Programs

BIGREDDon Scales Labyrinth (1980)
BATLBOTSSilas Warner's Robotwar (1981)
CAVERNCavern 2160 Takaya Arita (1980)
COLOSSALWill Crowther's Colossal Cave Adventure (1977)
DICEWARSDice Wars by Taro Ito (2006)
GAME20482048 Puzzle by Gabriele Cirulli (2014)
LIFEJohn Conway's Famous Life Simulation (1970)
MONSTERRobert Abbott's Theseus and the Minotaur Puzzle (1990)
SHOPLIFTShoplifting Boy by Hiroshi Suzuki (1979)
SOKOBANSokoban by Hiroyuki Imabayashi (1981)

Articles About Type-in Programming

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