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2nd Bn The Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton)

Archivist: John Clark, CD


The Paperback edition of CBH Regimental History is now available at a cost of $20,00 plus postage and handling and can ge ordered from:
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2Bn Nova Scotia Highlanders(Cape Breton)
5 Garrison Rd, Victoria Park
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada B1P 7G9
Email: John W Clarke, CD

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Phone: (902) 563-7100 Ext: 7276
Fax: (902) 564-2533

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Museum Musings    

With the last Newsletter and the passing of the 2004 Reunion, things here at the Museum have returned to normal…well, almost…The time leading up to 11 November was active, as usual, with items going out for displays at the Veteran home and local businesses looking for items for storefront displays as well. Though not able to fill all requests, we were able to fill most. Also gratifying to see was the increase in young visitors to the Museum. One of the most satisfying events was a presentation made to over 500 Junior High students which dealt with the Italian Campaign and the part played by The Cape Breton Highlanders.

It is our custom to devote some time to 2NS Highlanders (CB) recruits, and with an increased number of courses, this area saw increased activity as well. A number of inquiries concerning members of the CBH has remained constant and with this year having been designated. The Year of the Veteran, we expect this to also expand, although the absence of nominal rolls make this task difficult. Another area, again, that has increased is requests for cap badges, buttons, glengarries, etc. however, in the absence of a kit shop (presently under consideration and development) this is quite difficult.

The number of people visiting the Museum doing research has dropped slightly, however, author, Jim MacDonald is currently working on a book on the 85 th Battalion, Nova Scotia Highlanders (CEF), and a UCB student doing a paper, have both been recent visitors.

An area of concern is the need for safekeeping and proper display of medals. If there is sufficient interest in members wishing to display such items, I can arrange to have an appropriate display in a secure area here at Coriano Building . If you are interested, please let me know.

Contributions of material, photos and papers to the Museum have dropped slightly, and we take this opportunity to again advise that we are interested in anything of a CBH nature. Original material e.g. paper items, can be reproduced and returned without delay.


In closing, if anyone would like to place a photo or short story on the CBH Web site, it can be done by sending it through the Newsletter address.

Good health to you all,
John Clarke, Highlanders Museum

Donations to the museum can be made by contacting John Clarke, CD.

Any pictures, stories or news paper clippings about Cape Breton Highlanders can be sent to William Jessome, CD I am currently looking for photos and a brief history, or obituaries of Cape breton highlanders to add to the last post Web page.

Guidelines for Submitting Pictures

Not all pictures are acceptable

We require written permission before we can accept pictures featuring family members, friends, or other persons who are not in military uniform. Written permission can be sent to the above address.


We would like to receive digital images of photographs showing the head and face or a full figure portrait.

  • Formal pose
  • Family or group picture

We would also welcome digital images of the following documents or personal memorabilia:

  • Letters or postcards
  • Extracts from personal diaries
  • Attestation papers
  • Medals, decorations and awards
  • Citations
  • Military service records
  • Telegraphs
  • Press Clippings
  • Identity Disks
  • Uniforms
  • Military equipment
  • Location of military service
  • Personal artifacts
  • Grave Marker or Cemetery

Digital Image Specifications

  • All digital images must be in .jpg, .jpeg or .gif format to be fully compatible with our server.
  • Colour or black and white images may be submitted.


To help others get a better understanding and appreciation of the images, please provide a short written description of the picture. This caption will be included in the space below the picture. Space is limited, so please do not write more than 250 words. Cape Breton Highlanders reserves the right to edit text that is unrelated to the content of this web site.

Please Don't Send the Originals

Cape Breton Highlanders reserves the right to limit the number of pictures that can be displayed for any one individual and Cape Breton Highlanders reserves the right to digitally reprocess your digital image to conform with these specifications.