2nd Bn Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton)

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2nd Bn Nova Scotia Highlanders
(Cape Breton)

Following the First World War, the Militia was reorganized and on April 1, 1920 the Unit was redesignated The Cape Breton Highlanders which was to perpetuate the 94th Regiment , 85th and 185th Battalions. On April 1, 1932, following a request from the Regiment, permission was granted The Cape Breton Highlanders to adopt the uniform, with the exception of the regimental badge of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's), thus cementing the 94th's earlier relationship with that famous British regiment.

Following the Second World War, the unit resumed its militia status. In 1954, along with Nova Scotia's two other Highland Regiments were amalgamated to form a single unit. On September 15th, the Cape Breton Highlanders Battalion was thus designated "2nd Battalion, The Nova Scotia Highlanders" and on June 21, 1955 "2nd Battalion, The Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton)".

Afghanistan Kandahar Airfield
Joint Task Force Afghanistan Headquarters at the Kandahar Airfield.


Joint Task Force

Afghanistan Afghanistan
Maj Mac Neil and left Capt Anthony...these are two former 2nsh(cb) members now in regularly army

Afghanistan Return From Afghanistan
Returning home from Afghanistan

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