Cape Breton University


Systems Analysis


Math 271 (Fall 2009) Course Outline


Instructor: Dr. George Chen

Office: A129 G

Phone: 563-1825



Office hour: Mon., Tue., Thur. Fri. 10:30-11:20; Tue. 2:30-3:20


Textbook: Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design (fourth edition)

Author: Valacich, George, Hoffer



One 3-credit programming course, preferably Math 187 plus some basic Object-oriented programming


Course Description:

The main focus of this course is the analysis of software systems. Techniques for structured and object-oriented software analysis are examined. Although emphasis is placed on analysis, the topics will also cover software design and development, data model design and the common gateway interface (web client and server).


Course Contents (subject to change):


  1. Introduction to systems analysis -- how to develop information systems, how to analyze business needs, and how to find requirements of an information systems that is constructed to fulfill these needs; what is the role of the systems analyst.
  2. Software design life cycle -- seven steps of the systems development cycle will be analyzed.
  3. Introduction to dataflow diagrams -- discuss content diagram, dataflow diagram and their relations, rules, decompositions, consistent and balancing; the difference between logical and physical dataflow diagrams.
  4. Logical modeling -- analyze structure English, decision table and decision tree.
  5. Introduction to data mode and database -- discuss conceptual data modeling, data dictionary, E-R diagram, simple data mode and database design and simple structured query language.
  6. Object Oriented Analysis and design -- introduce unified modeling language, include use of case, class, sequence, collaboration, state diagrams.
  7. The common gateway interface and web applications – platform chosen, basic HTTP, HTML, URL, implementation of database, simple client and server page design by using Apache, PHP and MySQL.


Marking Scheme:

               Assignments             20%

               Projects                    30%

               Final                         50%



Your class attendance will affect your final grade.


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