Carboniferous-age ferns of Euromerican floral province and their
cuticle-stoma-palynomorph-compression morphologies
(Sydney-Canada and West-Bohemian-Czech Coalfields)
Objectives, General Conclusions
  1. To overcome the main problem of how to clearly define Carboniferous marattialean species, proposals for natural species are forthcoming in publications based on combining stomatal and in-situ spore data, and
  2. Considered in the proposals will be chemotaxonomic data from FTIR (functional, deformed C, H, and O groups), and other phytochemical molecules.
  3. Clearly separated from the fertile data base: Sydneia manleyi nov. gen et sp.
    Pšenička et al 2003 ( a newly formally unnamed family of marattialean fern), and Acitheca polymorpha var. alii sp. Nov. 2003
  4. For P. unita group, two new species are proposed, and
  5. P. arborescens, cyathea, unita, and polymorpha are truly cosmopolitan.

Funded by: Petroleum Research Fund administered by the American Chemical Society,
Washington, D.C.
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Ottawa
The Grant Agency of the
Academy of Sciences, and Research Program of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

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