Carboniferous-age ferns of Euromerican floral province and their
cuticle-stoma-palynomorph-compression morphologies
(Sydney-Canada and West-Bohemian-Czech Coalfields)
Erwin L. Zodrow PhD
Josef Pšenička PhD cand.
   Erwin L. Zodrow PhD
   Curator, Carboniferous plants
   Professor Emeritus in Geology
   University College of Cape Breton
   Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada
   503 Coxheath Road,
   Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada B1R 1S1
   Josef Pšenička PhD cand.
   Head, Department Palaeontology
   West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen
   Kopeckého sady 2
   301 26 Pilsen Czech Republic
Chris J. Cleal PhD
Jiri Bek PhD
   Chris J. Cleal PhD
   Department of Biodiversity
   & Systematic Biology
   National Museums & Galleries of Wales
   Cathays Park Cardiff CF10 3NP UK
   Jiří Bek PhD
   Institute of Geology,
   Academy of Sciences Czech Republic
   Rozvojová 135 165 00 Prague
   Czech Republic
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