Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Environmental Studies

If you're looking for a program that challenges you, that involves you in real world environmental opportunities throughout your academic career…

If you're looking for a program that offers the personalized attention and nurturing environment you won't find in larger school…

If you're looking for an invaluable education at a reasonable tuition…

If you’re looking for education that has a foundation based on the past and present, but with an eye to the future…

If you are looking for a program based on creating engineering solutions to real world problems…

Look no further than the Cape Breton University—Environmental Studies Program. Visit the topics at left to learn more about why this program is a choice to look to for all the best in a environmental and environmental health education.

As you move through the web pages you will see photographs that pertain directly to the Cape Breton environmental experience.








The Sydney Tar Ponds and
Coke Ovens site. The result
of almost a century of steel
making in Sydney.


Lingan Power Plant - a 450 MW
coal fired power plant— currently
there are no air emission
controls, but will be added in
the near future


Wind turbine installed near Glace Bay

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