Nutrition Courses

It is strongly recommended that students print off and bring notes for a current lecture to class. Anything to be read prior to class is referenced on the nutrition courses page. It is further suggested that students read over notes prior to class.  Students are responsible for the content of any videos shown.

Student attendance at each and every class  for the entire lecture is very strongly recommended.



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Though I (Dr. Barre) believe it is important to be flexible in this Covid-19 pandemic crisis situation, it is also important that the integrity of the current collective agreement between the Cape Breton University Faculty Association and Board of Governors, Cape Breton University is upheld. Though my strong preference is to teach in-person classes, I am  more than willing to do my part to teach my courses online for the Fall term, 2021. Put more formally, as stipulated in Article of our Collective Agreement, I consent to online course delivery this Fall term if the Covid-19 pandemic does not allow for in person teaching. My doing so at this time is not to be taken as an relinquishment of my rights as stipulated in my Collective Agreement. 





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COURSE SYLLABUS-Note that only the online course syllabus is the official version. Please check the online version periodically to make sure that you have the most recent information.