Identifying Plant Parts and Plant Needs
You will begin with distinguishing what features make something a plant. During this lesson, you will be asked to identify six plant parts.  You will also discover what plants need to live. You will use the internet and software.  You will use email to send me some answers.  You will label and identify the parts of a plant and tell why they are important.  Finally, you will complete a science project where you get a plant to grow, remembering what you learned about the plant's needs.

What is an animated pedagogical agent and how can it help instruction?
Pedagogical agents are computer characters that provide visual gestures and auditory modes as they try to motivate and facilitate your learning. 

You need to download the Microsoft agents
peedy2.gif (3309 bytes)and Geniegenie2.gif (4488 bytes) from
Information for teachers. You are now ready to enjoy a lesson on plants with two agents to assist you.

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