Published Sources

Since we will give the source for each quotation found in print, we need accurate information about where the quotation was published.

Books: author, title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, and the page number

Magazines: author, title of the article, title of the magazine, volume number, date (month and year), and page number

Newspapers: author, title of the article, name of the paper, date (day, month, year), and page number.


Here are some examples of a word found in a published source:


(a) pasture spruce

(b) "Native trees included white spruce (known as "pasture spruce" because it takes over abandoned farmland)...

(c) Peter Cumming, Heather MacLeod and Linda Stranchan. The Story of Framboise. Framboise, NS: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 1984. page 2.


(a) mouple

(b) "This [moose lip or nose] was used to make a soup, called Mouple, which was considered a great delicacy in Europe...

(c) James B.Lamb. The Hidden Heritage: Buried Romance at St. Ann's, NS Hantsport, NS: Lancelot Press, 1975. page 31.