What can you do with a degree in Communication? When thinking about possible career choices in the field of communication it is important to know the wide range of positions available to those in the field. Graduates in communication may find employment in a variety of professional settings which include public relations, government, personnel management, and in-house training. Some specific areas include recruiter, teacher, mediator, journal editor, advertising specialist, creative director, media planner, marriage counselor, editor, realtor, organizational trainer, reporter, curator, public relations officer, manager, social worker, telecommunications manager, speech writer, and more. Students are also prepared for graduate studies in communication as well as a number of other graduate and professional programs.

"It is because of the facilitation and assessment skills I gained from this program that I was able to secure a job two weeks before graduation." - Carly Turnbull.

What a few of students and facilitators have done with a Communication degree:
Grace MacNeil
BA (CBU) Recruitment & Admissions Officer (International & Aboriginal Affairs, Recruitment) Cape Breton University (Sydney, NS). 

Mark Carabin
BA (CBU) Social Media, Credit Union (Sydney, NS).
Patrick McNeil BA (CBU) Announcer Sydney Screaming Eagles (Sydney, NS).
Carly Turnbull BA (CBU) Case Worker, Youth Inclusion Program (North Sydney, NS).
Emma Russell BA Honours (CBU), MA (Queen's College) Writing Advisor, Reading & Writing Centre, Cape Breton University (Sydney, NS).
Chantal Drake
BACS (CBU) Community Access Program Trainer, Kindale Public Library (Stephenville, NL).
Mike Hunter
BA (CBU), MA (York/Ryerson Universities) Editor-in-Chief, Cape Breton University Press (Sydney, NS).
Jeannine McNeil BA (UCCB), MA (York). Executive Director, Stepping Stone Program (Halifax, NS).
Laura Lee Langley
BACS (UCCB), MPA (Dalhousie). Director, Communications Nova Scotia (Halifax, NS).
Stacey Jones-Oxner
BACS (UCCB), BJ (King's College). Advisor, Nova Scotia Come To Life (Halifax, NS).
Bruce Gillard
BA (UCCB), BEd (St. F.X.). Teacher (NL).
Demetri Kachafanas
CBRM Assistant Solicitor (Sydney, NS).
Bryce McNeil
BA (UCCB), MA (Maine), PhD (Georgia State University). Student Media Advisor (GSU).
Laura Peck
BA, BEd (Dalhousie), Executive Program Graduate (Buckley School of Public Speaking; South Carolina), Co-owner & Vice President, McLoughlin Media Inc. (Ottawa, ON).

Plus: Dr. Tanya Brann-Barrett, Sarah Farrow, Michael G. MacDonald, Dr. Erna MacLeod, Dr. Judith A. Rolls, and Dawn White were all Communication Lab Peer Facilitators and graduates of Cape Breton University.