Chem 2203 Lab


Chemical Kinetics and Equilibrium


        This laboratory is similar in format to chem 201 laboratory with lab curriculum focusing on kinetics and equilibria of chemical systems. Topics will focus on the techniques and instrumentation used to study chemical kinetics and equilibria such as: acid-base titrations, oxidation-reduction titrations, electrochemical measurement, UV spectroscopy, polarimetry, conductivity, and dilute solution viscosity.

        Other topics covered include a review of how to write an experimental lab report and basic computer and spreadsheet operation using assigned problems.


Lab Outline

Lab Report Layout
Lab Schedule


Laboratory Grade Policy

Proper Lab Techniques

Density of Water as a Function of Temperature

Viscosity of Water as a Function of Temperature

Density as a Function of Composition for Methanol/Water and Toluene/p-Xylene

Movies and Animations

Periodic Table of the Elements