Chemistry 1104


Credits: 3 Prerequisite: Grade 11 Chemistry

(Grade 12 Chemistry strongly recommended)


    Chemistry continues to be a pivotal science. It is as important as a
discipline as it is in the service function it provides to other fields of study such as engineering, biology, medicine, nursing, food sciences,
pharmacy, oceanography and environmental science. A course in
chemistry is also of great value to the student intending to pursue studies in law, business administration, political science, psychology, and many other programs, for it provides an understanding of the scientific method, and of the chemical basis of today’s world.

    This course is a description of the properties of matter and their
correlation with modern theoretical principles of chemistry. Topics
include: atoms, molecules, and ions; formulas and equations; the
Periodic Table; electronic structure of atoms; chemical bonding; aqueous acid-base, and buffer systems


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