Bridge Biology 101
Lab Activities

Bridge Biology 101 incorporates both laboratory & workshop components as coordinated teaching tools. The lab component is worth 35% of your course grade, whereas the workshops are worth 5% and are evaluated in a manner that includes the following:

8 Pre-lab quizzes (Labs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, & 10)    4%

6 Assignments (Labs 2, 4, 5, 8, 9 & 10)                7%      

3 Drawings (Labs 3 & 7)                                            3%     

1 Lab Report (Lab 6)                                                  5%                 

1 Presentation (Lab 11)                                             2%                             

1 Written assignment (Lab 11)                                  4%                 

1 Lab Exam                                                                 10%

10 Workshop assignments                                         5%

Pre-lab quizzes are intended to assist you in your preparation for the lab exercises. Reading the lab manual prior to attending each lab will ensue a good lab mark as well as enhance your understanding of the lab.

Each pre-lab quiz will consist of 5 short questions. The quizzes will be held in the first 5 minutes of the allotted lab time, so please be on time. There will be no opportunity to make up a missed pre-lab quiz or to repeat a pre-lab quiz to improve your grade.

Drawings are a fundamental tool in science. They provides a means of capturing and communicating the details of a specimen under study. In addition, a drawing may help you to remember key elements of that specimen as “ you” see them.                              

Presentations are another means of communicating in science. It can allow you incorporate visual and audio components to make your verbal presentation more interesting to the audience.

A written assignment will be required in Lab 9. This will be a short, written account of the material (and references) that you will cover in your presentation.

Lab exams are meant to access your overall understanding of the lab materials. It will have written, identification (of specimens), and experimental components.

The workshop sessions compliment the labs by providing exercises and assignments that relate to lab topics. The workshops are not designed as tutorials/help sessions, but rather as enhanced teaching content. This is one of the things that make the Bridge Program unique.


Attendance in labs & workshops is mandatory and will be recorded by the instructor. Valid documentation (i.e. a medical note) is required should you be absent.  If you miss a lab, please contact Cyndie Glogowski within 24 hours to obtain permission to attend another lab. Missed workshops cannot be rescheduled.

If you miss more than 2 labs or 2 workshops

you will NOT be permitted to write the lab exam.

All assignments are mandatory. Lab & workshop assignments are to be passed in on time as indicated in the lab manual or by the instructor. If you miss a lab and are unable to make arrangements to attend another lab session, please contact Cyndie Glogowski within 24 hours.

  • Failing to pass an assignment in on time will result in a late penalty of 20% per day.
  • You are required to pass in all assignments even if the late penalties result in a grade of “0”.
  • If you fail to pass in an assignment you will not be permitted to write the lab exam.


Last update: November 12, 2008




Lab1: Scientific Method

Lab 2: Microscopy (Part 1)

Lab 3: Microscopy (Part 2) & PPT

Lab 4: Biomolecules & PPT

Biomolecules Workshop

Lab 5: DNA structure...

Lab 5: Cellular Respiration Workshop

Lab 6: Enzymes

Lab 7: Membranes & Diffusion

Lab 9: Cellular Respiration

Lab 10: Photosynthesis

Lab 11: Presentations

Info for lab exam and exam format